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Italian Painters Father and Son Carlo and Giovanni Grubacs (19th c)

Venetian Festival

Two little-known painters, followers of the great tradition of eighteenth-century landscape painting, Carlo (1801-1870) and Giovanni (1830-1919) Grubacs painted mostly views of Venice, their favorite city.

Giovanni Grubacs, View of St.Mark's Basin

Carlo Grubacs, St. Marks and the Doges Palace

Rialto Bridge

Carlo Grubacs, Doges Palace

Carlo Grubacs, Basilica Di San Marco
Fete sur le Grand Canal

Grand Canal and Rialto Bridge

Carlo Grubacs, Bullfighting in Courtyard of Ducal Palace

Carlo Grubacs, Canal Grande, the Palazzo Contarini, Rezzonico and Balbi
Carlo Grubacs, Doges Palace

Carlo Grubacs, Piazza San Marco

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