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Gustave Vidal (1895-1966) French Painter

Gustave Vidal - La route au printemps

Gustave Vidal - Pecheurs En Bord de Mediterranee

Route sur la côte


Johann Christian Brand (1722-1795) Austrian Painter

 Johann Christian Brand. A wooded landscape with travellers and peasants

 Austrian painter Johann Christian Brand View from Castle Leiben 1794

 Johann Christian Brand - Am Mödlingbach im Wienerwald

Johann Christian Brand - Aulandschaft - c. 1790

Niels Walseth (1914-2001) Danish Painter

Niels Walseth often used the pseudonym signature Carl Soderberg or others for many of his paintings. His parents were both painters.
He studied at Teknisk Skole (the Technical School).
Walseth was inspired by the famous Peder Mönsted, his subjects often include small fishing villages in Zealand; he extensively traveled to mountainous areas in Austria, Germany, Switzerland
as well as to Italy and Scandinavia.

Niels Walseth - South German landscape with a white farm

Landscape with figures

Niels Walseth - Summer day near a farm

Paul Dougherty (1877-1947) American Marine Painter

 Paul Dougherty - Point Lobos, c1920-30

 Paul Dougherty -Toward the Sunlight, 1910


Carl Adam Heinisch (1847-1923) German Painter

Carl Adam Heinisch, 1847-1923 On the Lake

Carl Adam Heinisch - Nuremberg

Carl Adam Heinisch - Returning from the fields (detail)