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Hungarian Artist Farago Geza (1877-1928)

 Slim Woman with a Cat, 1913

Paradise lost, 1903

more of his artwork - here

Antoine Ferdinand Attendu - French Painter

There's not much known about the artist's life. He was Louis Mettling's student; the painter mostly painted still lifes and landscapes, working in Paris and Neuilly-sur-Seine. The painter exhibited at the Salon in 1870 and 1898; he also participated in the first Impressionist exhibition of 1874 with six paintings.

 Antoine Ferdinand Attendu. Winter Street View

 Antoine Ferdinand Attendu. Still Life
 Antoine Ferdinand Attendu

Danish Painters 19th c

 Danish painter, 19th c.  A gentelman and two ladies at the Cliffs of Møn, Denmark
 Danish painter, 19th c. Summer day at Fredensborg palace, Denmark
Anton Melbye. Figures under a tree, 1854