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American Impressionist Painter Francis Morton Johnson (1878-1931)

Woman in a Garden

Johnson was born in Boston, and as a young man he left for Paris to pursue his artistic education. He studied at the Academy Julian and exhibited at the Galerie Georges Petit and Salon de Artistes Fran├žois with other fellow artists Louis Rittman, Richard Miller, Preston Dickenson, Aston Knight. In the United States Johnson exhibited at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. The artist was also known for inventing a device for registering the human voice on motion picture films in 1919. He died in Paris.

Under the Shade of Parasol


Scent of Rose 1909 at Owen Gallery, New York

Bois de Vincenne

Summer Landscape

Summer Garden

Le Jardin Fleuri

Bord de la Riviere

Bord de Marne, 1920

View of Champs Elysees


Le Sous-bois

Landscape with a River

Sunlit Pathway

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