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Adolph Menzel (1815-1905) German painter

German painter Adolph von Menzel is one of the most famous German artists of the 19th century and the most successful artist of his era in Germany where his popularity owing especially to politically propagandistic works, was such that few of his major paintings left Germany, as many were quickly acquired by museums in Berlin. (wikipedia)
Adolph Menzel, On a Journey to Beautiful Countryside, 1892

Adolph Menzel, Ball Scene (detail)

Adolph Menzel, afternoon in the garden

Adolph Menzel, ball scene

Adolph Menzel, In The White Hall

Adolph Menzel, The Departure of King Wilhelm I to the army on July 31, 1870

Adolph Menzel, the artist's sister Emilie sleeping, 1848

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