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Belgian Painter Adrien Ferdinand de Braekeleer (1818-1904)

Home Music Party, 1854, by Adrien Ferdinand de Braekeleer

Young couple having dinner with oysters by Adrien Ferdinand de Braekeleer

Courtyard Scene in Guest House, 1859, by Adrien Ferdinand de Braekeleer

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John Crosby Edouard, Baron Ensor, or John Ensor was designed to an English dad and Flemish mom, on Apr 13, 1860, at Ostend, in The nation. A individual of the group, 'Less XX,' Ensor was a well known 'Surrealist' and 'Expressionist' specialist and printmaker of his times. His mom and dad owned and operated four souvenir-curio shops at seaside resort, offering not only to the gps Eurpean individuals, but also to the English Path crossers and the peasants from the scenery Belgian painter James

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