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Maurice Leloir (1851-1940) - French Illustrator

A watercolorist, illustrator, engraver and historical painter, Maurice Leloir was born in Paris into a family of well-known artists. His formal training Leloir received with his father historical painter Jean-Baptiste Auguste Leloir, his mother watercolorist Héloïse Colin and his older brother Alexander-Louis Leloir.

The Drink of Milk, watercolor 1882

A very prominent illustrator, Maurice Leloir was elected President of the French Watercolor Society.
He illustrated works by J.J. Rousseau, J.B. Moliere, H. de Balzac among others.
He also designed theater posters.

A ride in the Country, watercolor

In 1906, Maurice Leloir wrote and illustrated a book "the Dictionary of Costume".
In 1928, at the invitation of Douglas Fairbanks, Leloir worked in the US as an art advisor on the film The Man in the Iron Mask.

Two Elegant Figures in a Row Boat, oil

The Feathered Visitors, watercolor

Le Rendezvous, watercolor

Opportunity Makes the Thief, watercolor

Sortie de la messe à l'Eglise Saint-Louis Saint-Paul, watercolor

The Boating Party, oil


Buckingham & Anne d'Autriche (Les Trois mousquetaires), watercolor

Lady Feeding Berries to Turkeys, France, 1890s.

Winter Romance


Design for a fan

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